1. Format and Venues

1.1 The OQM is a series of six (6) events:

Event 1 – Biloela – June 20 & 21
Event 2 – Charleville – June 27 & 28
Event 3 – Quilpie – July 4 & 5
Event 4 – Blackall – July 11 & 12
Event 5 – Hughenden – July 18 & 19
Event 6 – Longreach – July 24, 25 & 26

2. OQM Players

2.1 The OQM will have two (2) separate groups, which a player may enter based on whether they hold a Golf Australia Handicap:

Group 1: Players with a Golf Australia Handicap (GA HC Players)  – If you are already questioning what this is, then it’s probably not you, so head down to Group 2.

Group 2: Players without a Golf Australia Handicap (Non-GA HC Players) – You are a person who enjoys golf on occasion and is not interested in competing in major amateur events or you simply have never tried to play golf before, then this will be your category.

2.2 Each OQM event will be played over two 9-hole rounds (18-holes total), with 9-holes being played on the first day of the event and 9-holes being played on the second day of the event.

2.3 A player may request to play with another player who may be in Group 1 or Group 2. Although all requests will be considered in some cases a request may not be possible. Please make such request at the time of registration.

2.4 In most circumstances Group 1 and Group 2 players will play with players from within their groups.

2.5 Acceptable country casual style with close toed shoes.

3. OQM Two Day Event Format

3.1 Group 1 – Individual event: The winners will be the players with the highest 18-hole stableford score over the two days in the various categories determined by the Championship Committee

3.2 Group 1 – Team event: The winners will be the team with highest combined two (2) 18-hole stableford scores in the various categories.  Group 1 players may nominate their team when entering or will be placed in a team by random assortment by the Championship Committee.

3.3 Group 2 – The prize winners will be based on a combination of random draw and skill competitions in the various categories determined by the Championship Committee which will be published prior to each event based on the number of entries received.

4. OQM Series Championship Format – Group 1 (GA HC Players)

4.1 The player with the largest combined total point score of three (3) 18-hole stableford scores will win the OQM Series Championship.  Players that record four (4) or more 18-hole stableford scores in the 2019 OQM will have their lowest 18-hole stableford score(s) removed based on the following number of events they play:

Four (4) events – 4 x 18-hole stableford scores recorded – Lowest 18-hole stableford score is dropped

Five (5) events – 5 x 18-hole stableford scores recorded – Two (2)  lowest 18-hole stableford scores are dropped

Six (6) events – 6 x 18-hole stableford scores recorded – Three (3) lowest 18-hole stableford scores are dropped

5. OQM Series Prize Format – Group 2 (Non-GA HC Players)

5.1 The winner will be based on a random draw with player receiving one (1) entry into the draw once they have participated in three (3) OQM events.  If a player participates in four (4) or more OQM events they will receive additional entries into draw based on the below:

Player plays in four (4) events – two (2) additional entries into major prize draw (total of (3) three entries)

Player plays in five (5) events – three (3) additional entries into major prize draw (total of (4) four entries)

Player plays in six (6) events – four (4) additional entries into major prize draw (total of (5) five entries)

6. Longreach Million Dollar Hole-In-One Challenge Eligibility

6.1 The event in Longreach will take place over three days. Day one and two will be as per Section 3. OQM Two Day Event Format. Day three will be a 9-hole competition including the Million Dollar Hole-in-One Challenge.

6.2 Both Group 1 and Group 2 players are eligible to have a chance to win the Million Dollar Hole-in-One Challenge prize if they have played in at least two other OQM events (not including Longreach) as listed in 1.1.

6.3 The $1,000,000.00 will be won by the first eligible player to have a Hole-in-One on the designated hole during the 2020 Longreach OQM Event.

The order of play for this competition will be based on the following order:

  • Players who have played the most events, then
  • Players who have the most points, then
  • Players who have the highest last 18-hole score

6.4 Employees, or their immediate family members, of Golf Australia Limited, Golf Queensland, Tourism and Events Queensland, Weatherall Golf, Cre8ion and any other partners or sponsors of the event are not eligible.

7. Major Random Draw Prizes

  • Prize 1 – To be announced
  • Prize 2 – To be announced

Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible to go into the Draw for the Major Random Draw Prizes you must have played in three 2020 Outback Queensland Masters Events inclusive of the Longreach Event.

Each player that meets the eligibility criteria will enter a draw in which one name will be selected for each prize. The first prize to be drawn will be Prize 1.

The random draw will be conducted on Sunday 26th July 2020 at Longreach Golf Club at the Presentations of the Longreach Event at approximately 5pm.

The winners will be contacted by Golf Australia and given 1 month to accept the prize.

A winner’s use of the Prize is entirely at their own risk.

Please click here to view the Outback Queensland Masters Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.