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Terms and Conditions

Everything you need to know about the OQM Event & Passes.


  1. Golf Australia will only offer a refund or exchange of an OQM pass if an event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated (and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled or relocated event), or to the extent otherwise required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law). You must apply for a refund within a reasonable time. Golf Australia does not offer refunds or exchanges as a result of a change in your personal circumstances.

  2. If an event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated, all liability is limited to the amount for which the pass was purchased (including any fees or charges). Proof of purchase may be required for any refund or exchange. Unless required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law), Golf Australia will not be liable for any other losses incurred by you as a result of the cancellation, rescheduling or relocation of an event, including any travel and accommodation expenses.

  3. Golf Australia will only replace lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed passes if the authenticity of the pass can be verified, including proof of purchase, and if you give reasonable notice before the event. Golf Australia may charge a reasonable fee for the replacement of passes.

  4. You should carefully consider the refund and cancellation policies of travel, accommodation and other goods or service providers when making arrangements for attendance and or participation at an event. You may also wish to consider taking out a relevant insurance policy to cover any losses in the event of cancellation, rescheduling or relocation.

  5. Admission to an event is subject to Golf Australia’s Terms. In particular, the following form part of Golf Australia’s terms unless otherwise specified.

  6. You may be denied entry into, or removed from, an event where Golf Australia has reasonable grounds to do so, including if you breach these Terms and Conditions, or you are intoxicated, under the influence of illicit drugs, inappropriately attired or adversely affecting the enjoyment of the event by others.

  7. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted until a suitable break in the event.

  8. You may be required to submit to a search of your person and/or possessions before entering the event.

  9. Entry to an event may be refused if the authenticity or validity of a pass is questionable, including because the pass has been damaged or defaced in any way, or has not been purchased from Golf Australia or other authorised points of sale.

  10. Passes may not, without the prior written consent of Golf Australia, be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including via online auction or other unauthorised resale sites) or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services. If a pass is sold or used in breach of this condition, the pass may be cancelled without a refund and the pass holder of the pass may be refused admission. Golf Australia will use reasonable efforts to notify you of such action.

    SCALPING WARNING: The resale of passes in certain circumstances is governed by ticket sales legislation and may attract criminal penalties.

  11. The holder of this pass assumes all risk and danger incidental to the game of golf and releases Golf Australia Limited and their subsidiaries, Golf Queensland and any partners or sponsors including; Tourism Events Queensland, PGA, etc and any suppliers including; Weatherall Golf and Cre8ion Pty Ltd and all of the host Golf Clubs, participating players and all of their agents from any and all liabilities resulting from the assumption of such risk and danger. The holder of this pass acknowledges they may suffer serious injury or death from attending this event – for example, but not limited to, being struck by a golf ball.

  12. Entrants aged less than 18 years of age at the time of an event must obtain the consent of their parent or legal guardian to enter the competition and agree to the Outback Queensland Masters Terms and Conditions. Any entrant under the age of 18 years of age can only participate if they are accompanied by a full-paying competitor that is their parent or guardian (Note: Each entrant under the age of 18 years of age must have their own parent/ guardian). Persons aged less than 14 years old are ineligible to enter or participate in the Competition. All entries and attempted prize redemptions of persons who are ages less than 14 years old will be deemed invalid.


1. Championship Committee

A Championship Committee, appointed by Golf Australia (GA), shall have sole management and control of the OQM. The Championship Committee reserves the right to: (a) fix and/or alter starting times, (b) in the event of bad weather, or for any other reason, either shorten the contest or fix another day/venue, (c) vary any condition should they deem it advisable, (d) reject any entry without assigning any reason therefore. The decision of the Championship Committee will be final in all matters and in the absence of a full committee, such members as may be present at the time may give a decision and any decision so given shall be deemed to be a decision of the full Championship Committee.

2. Entries

2.1 The GA HC Player’s event is open to all golfers with a valid GA Handicap or an approved International Handicap (maximum of 54.4 for men and women).

2.2 Once an event reaches its capacity as determined by the Championship Committee, entries for that event will be closed.

2.3 The total entry fee for each event is as advertised on the website. Players will submit the total entry fee with their registration form.

2.4 Entries without a Golflink number must be supported by a printed handicap record endorsed by an official of the player’s home club.

2.5 Nominations are accepted at face value, on the basis that the information contained therein is correct, and up to date. Should this subsequently be proven not to be the case, GA reserves the right to deem any competitor ineligible – at any time prior to or during the Championship.

2.6 Players must comply with the Golf Australia Gender Policy. The policy can be viewed here.

3. Registration

Competitors in the Championship must register 30 minutes prior to their tee time on day 1 of an event.

4. Rules

The Rules of Golf as adopted by the R&A Rules Limited will apply together with the Golf Australia Hard Card and supplementary Local Rules as are approved by the Championship Committee.

5. Course Markers

During practice or during the Championship a player shall not place on the course or cause to be placed on the course, any artificial marker or other device designed to indicate course measurements. A player in breach of this condition shall be disqualified.

6. Draw And Starting Times

A draw for each day’s play will be made available to players electronically and at the venue. Players shall start at the time and in the order arranged by the Championship Committee. Rule 5-3 provides “The Player shall start at the time laid down by the Committee”. The penalty for breach of Rule 5-3a is a disqualification. However, it is a condition of this Championship that, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Rule 5-3a, if the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes of his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole, instead of disqualification.

7. Ball

It will be obligatory for all competitors in all events to play with a ball that is named in the current list of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the R&A. Penalty for breach of this condition: Disqualification.

8. Driving Clubs

Any driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft, that is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by the R&A. Exception: A driver with a clubhead that was manufactured prior to 1999 is exempt from this condition.

*PENALTY FOR CARRYING, BUT NOT MAKING STROKE WITH, CLUB OR CLUBS IN BREACH OF CONDITION: Stroke play – Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round – Four strokes. *Any club or clubs carried in breach of this condition must be declared out of play by the player to his opponent in match play or his marker or a fellow competitor in stroke play immediately upon discovery that a breach has occurred. If the player fails to do so, he is disqualified.


9. Use Of Motorised Vehicles

During any round of the tournament, competitors may travel in or on motorised vehicles.

10. Pace Of Play

Rule 5-6 will be enforced. A Pace of Play Schedule and a description of applicable penalties for breaching this schedule will be supplied to competitors prior to the first round of each event.

11. Practice

Practice rounds will be subject to availability and at the discretion of the host club.

12. Ties

In the event of a tie for the QOM event and series, positions will be determined by use of the Australian Count-back System.

13. Images

Golf Australia may arrange for promotion of the Championship, for radio, internet and television broadcasting and other exhibition and publication of the Championship or excerpts thereof in any and all media throughout the world, whether now known or hereafter developed.

By this application, the player and/ or spectator consents to the use by Golf Australia and any third party it provides consent to, or persons authorised by Golf Australia, of their name, likeness, voice and references to them and photographs and other images of them and their play connected with their appearance in the Championship, or any portion(s) thereof, in connection with such media promotion, broadcasting and other exhibition and publication of the Championship. Golf Australia may utilise the rights granted it hereunder in connection with the promotion of this Championship as well as other Golf Australia Championships and Golf Australia.

The cooperation of players and/ or spectators with authorised representatives of the media are required, provided that no pre-Championship activities outside of those activities which are part of the Championship will be required and provided that the player’s Championship play is not unreasonably interfered with.

14. Database Of Competitors’ Details

The personal data contained in this entry is permanently retained by Golf Australia. This data may be utilised by Golf Australia or its sponsors for the distribution of correspondence, in both electronic and hard copy means. From time to time players may be sent entry forms, event literature, the Golf Australia e-newsletter, or marketing material by the sponsor(s) of Golf Australia events, or information about events conducted by Golf Australia-approved bodies. Upon receipt by Golf Australia of a written request, a player may either have access to their details or have their details deleted from the database.

15. Legal Policies (E.G. Match Fixing Policy)

All entrants are bound to comply with all of Golf Australia’s legal policies. These policies relate to the golfer’s behaviour and the behaviour of their associates during the tournament. Any breach of these policies may result in the competitor being withdrawn from the competition and subject to investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

Depending on the nature of the offence, the competitor may also be subject to criminal charges arising from their conduct.

It is the duty of the competitors and their associates to familiarise themselves with the relevant policies and ensure they comply. Copies of Golf Australia’s Legal Policies can be found on the Golf Australia website.

16. Drug Testing

All competitors are subject to drug testing by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency for banned substances as laid down in Golf Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy. Any competitor infringing this policy, or refusing to take a test, will be disqualified and subject to any sanction(s) brought down by ASADA. A list of prohibited substances will be available at registration. Clarification of any medication can be obtained via the ASADA hotline – 13 000 ASADA (13 000 27232), or visit their website.

17. Smoking Policy

Players and caddies are prohibited from smoking during a stipulated round. (Note: In addition to the more traditional forms of smoking, this policy is also considered to cover vaping and the like, etc.) Details of sanctions for a breach of this policy are contained in GA’s Code of Conduct.

18. Code Of Conduct

All entrants are bound by Golf Australia’s Code of Conduct (“the Code”). A copy of the Code is available by clicking here. Any breach of the Code may be recorded on the Central Register of the Code (“the Register”). The Register may be accessed (and published from time to time) by any State Association or Golf Australia for the purposes of administering Competitions or state championships, events, competitions, practice sessions or major activities conducted or sanctioned by a State Association, or any State Association or Golf Australia codes of conduct and/or other related matter.

Sydney 4x4 Show - golden ticket competition terms and conditions

Competition dates:

a) Open: 9am Eastern Standard Time, 22 July 2022
b) Close: 4pm Eastern Standard Time, 24 July 2022


The promoter is Outback Queensland Tourism Association (OQTA) and Outback Queensland Masters (OQM).


Entry is only available to residents of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory who are aged 18 years or older.


  • Entrants must complete a ticket scan on the Outback Queensland stand at the Sydney 4×4 Show.
  • The promotion ends 4.00pm (AEDT) 24 July 2022.
  • One (1) winner will be announced on Tuesday 26 July 2022.


2 x Money can’t buy an automatic entry Player Passes to participate in the final location* of the Outback Queensland Masters on 21 – 23 July 2023.


i) Two days of 9 holes each day (Friday 21 July and Saturday 22 July) and Sunday 23 July to hit in the million dollar hole-in-one challenge.

ii) 3 x Breakfasts, 3 x Lunches, 2 x Dinner dining under the stars of the Milky Way including Welcome to Country, outback tales, live music and an inspired Australian Outback Dinner.

b) Return economy class airfares from Sydney to Brisbane and Brisbane to final location* for two adults.

c) Three nights motel accommodation in final location the final location will be in Outback Queensland and announced on Sunday 24th July, 2022.

(Check in 21 July 2023 and check out 24 July 2024) (twin share or double).

No transfer, substitution or cash equivalent for the prize allowed. Prize is not refundable or transferable, and does not include transfers to/from Sydney Airport or to and final location accommodation.


  • The draw will take place on Tuesday 26 July 2022 in the office of the promoter (OQTA).
  • Entrants are not required to be present at the draw.
  • All valid entries will go into the draw and one (1) winner will be selected at random.
  • Each entrant has an equal opportunity of winning.
  • The results of the draw are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • OQTA and OQM reserves the right to alter or cancel any aspect of this promotion at any time. The winner will be notified via email within one day of the draw.
  • The prizewinner will be notified by email – sent to the email address they have provided on entry ticket to the competition.
  • The prize will be delivered to the winner via OQM.
  • A redraw will be conducted in case the winner is unable to be contacted or the prize has not been claimed within three months after the first draw.
    This redraw will take place no sooner than three months after the initial draw.


  • Entrants agree to their personal contact information being held and used by the promoter in accordance with the 10 National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act.
  • Entrants who opt-in to receive marketing information agree to receive information about holidays from Outback Queensland Tourism Association (OQTA) and Outback Queensland Masters (OQM).
  • Entrants consent to their name being announced publicly through Facebook communication if they win the competition.