THE Outback Queensland Masters is Australia’s most remote golf series, spanning over 2,000 kilometres across Queensland’s Outback.

It’s Australia’s richest amateur golfing event with amateur and first-time golfers getting to have a ‘pro-type’ experience competing for $10,000 hole-in-one opportunities in the first five locations and culminating to the million-dollar hole-in-one challenge in Birdsville.

The Outback Queensland Masters (OQM) attracts first-time, social, and amateur golfers where they meet and play with locals and in the evenings dine under the stars of the Milky Way with live Australian music and entertainers.

During the 2021 event, amateur golfer from the ACT, David Pennell struck it rich with a $10,000 hole-in-one on the remote sand greens of the Quilpie Golf Club.

Players are already planning for the 2022 tee-off, with the announcement of next year’s locations being Roma, Tambo, Barcaldine, Winton, Mount Isa and the 2022-million-dollar hole-in-one in Birdsville on the edge of the Simpson Desert.

“The Outback Queensland Masters has been really good,” said competitor and amateur golfer Robbie Fitz. “Golf and meals organised every weekend for six weeks and five days in between to wind your way to the next venue. I would highly recommend the tour.”

Queensland and Northern Territory manager, Golf Australia Luke Bates said it was like a travelling golf club with “everyone creating memories together.”

Presented by Golf Australia, Outback Queensland Masters is strategically partnered with Tourism and Events Queensland, with support from local government councils and local golf clubs.

The 2021 event sold-out ahead of the event, and with over 60 per cent of tickets already sold for the 2022, organisers are encouraging visitors to plan and book now for the 2022 event before it sells out.
The Outback Player Pass for one location (including all meals and dinner under the stars) is just A$300. The All-inclusive Player Pass including six locations and the million-dollar hole in one (including all meals and dinner under the stars) is $1660. Spectator passes, including meals and dinner under the stars, is also available from $220.


ROMA 18 & 19 JUNE 2022
TAMBO 25 & 26 JUNE 2022
WINTON 9 & 10 JULY 2022
MOUNT ISA 16 & 17 JULY 2022
BIRDSVILLE 22, 23 & 24 JULY 2022

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